Click here to see typical Saturn V and Apollo CSM decal sheets.

IMPORTANT NEWS (26 Dec 03)::

Due to a variety of conditions that have developed in the last few months, including recurring problems with the Alps-type printers and the ongoing (and time-consuming) work to bring Space Model Systems together as a company, the existing decal line is being closed down. The last few orders that are still in the pipeline will be fulfilled, though no new orders are being accepted at this time. Sorry about the inconvenience; I know the Saturn and Apollo markings have been popular items in recent years.

Do not despair, however. While the Alp-printed decals are being eliminated, a number of Saturn and Apollo decals will be reborn as sheets printed by Microscale. The first of these will be the 1/48 scale CSM markings, followed by a set for the 1/96 Saturn V, revised and rearranged for Microscale's presses. Other space decals, such as the markings for the ISS, will also be commercially printed.

Please visit the Space Model Systems website for news of the new decal sheets as well as other space-related products for the hobbyist and educator. Prices and ordering information will be available there.

Rick Sternbach