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The Art, Part II
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Voyager Found -- Private commission. Imagine a combined human-dolphin crew heading out to find Voyager 1 and bring it home to the Smithsonian. Imagine their surprise when they discover the gold "greetings from Earth" record and playback stylus are -gone-. Their ship is not a true interstellar spacecraft, but the precursor of one; a far extrasolar explorer powered by early laser-induced fusion engines. I'd send dolphins to do EVA only if they want to go; we do 3D moves pretty well; maybe they do them better.

Rosette Nebula -- Unpublished. Back in the 1970s, before Hubble's electronic eye showed us dust globules and streamers and birthing stars, I tried to imagine "sharpening" the best available telescope photos of the Rosette Nebula. A Thayer and Chandler airbrush running with the nozzle cap off allowed me to get some fairly sharp details in the dust and gas. The art sold at a NY gallery; the woman who bought it said it went well with her sofa. I kid you not.

Someone Else's Problem -- Unpublished, ~8"x10". Sometimes I just liked doing earthlike worlds. This one is about to get hit by a rock; I painted it in 1987, way before falling asteroids were fashionable.

Hahn Crater -- Private commission. Two parts of a large (30"x40") painting of a lunar base in the crater Hahn; these show the artwork in progress before all the technology was added. Most of the slumped walls were done with the Paasche AB turbo, tuned to make such a small spray stream that it allowed me to "draw" as if it were a colored pencil. The entire piece took approximately a month. Boy, I wish I had that kind of stamina these days; at least the vitamins make me -think- I do.

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