A selection of miscellaneous bits designed by Rick from the TNG series. Most designs began as felt pen and marker doodles for basic shapes, progressing to a cleaner blue pencil and hardline ink stage. Photocopies sometimes received full marker color treatments.
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Left: Sketch for matte painting of Lutan's palace from "Code of Honor."

Below: Cybermolecule 3-D computer model for "Emergence."

Left: Spaceborne creature in its natural form, from pilot episode "Encounter at Farpoint." For much of the episode, the creature was forced to take on the shape and material properties of a modern spaceport.
Below: The modern spaceport - actually the tentacled creature in disguise - was sketched out prior to the final set design and construction on stage.
Left: Even Klingons had pets. Early sketch of a Worf's Targ, prior to the choice of using a warthog in makeup. This targ is too cute; I should have made him lots more snarly. With lots more teeth.
Right: Early sketch of the Enterprise-D engine room. The color scheme became copper, black, and brushed aluminun, with a continuation of the clear plexi flooring first seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.